Friday, March 20, 2015

ILL-inois: Retired doctor who worked 5 years for state getting $150K annual pension

University of Illinois at Chicago
For the second consecutive day I present another reason why Illinois' pension program is a failure.

From Fox 32 Chicago:
A retired doctor who worked for the state for less than five years is now collecting a pension of more than $150,000 per year.

Critics said it's a perfect example of why Illinois' pension system is broke. However, the doctor is firing back saying don't blame the retirees getting the money.

"I feel blessed. I don't feel as though I've milked the system or anything like that," said Dr. Renee Hartz.

Hartz has drawn lots of attention over the years for her trailblazing career as a cardiac surgeon. Now, she's drawn the attention of pension expert Bill Zettler, who literally wrote the book on Illinois' broken pension system.
Hartz worked as doctor for the University of Illinois at Chicago in the 1990s.

This story make me want to contact a cardiologist.

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