Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clintonista Carville: "I suspect" that Hillary didn't want Congress reading her emails

The secret Hillary Clinton email scandal continues to simmer. This morning on This Week longtime Clinton family apologist James Carville said that he suspects that HRC used her own email server because she didn't want Congress reading them.

Yes, Clinton served in the most transparent administration in history.


Anonymous said...

How damaging was GWB's email scandal? You remember. The one where the White House lost 5 million private emails used for government business on the Republican National Committee server? Including the ones related to the partisan firing of 8 U.S. Attorneys? Does that ring a bell? Maybe not. There were so many fuck-ups under Shrub, it is hard to remember them all. Though I predict you won't get your panties unbunched about this until, say, November, 2016.

John Ruberry said...

Were they emails belonging to Condaleeza Rice?

Anonymous said...

Rice says that she rarely used emails. So I guess we have to take her word for it, since..... 5 MILLION EMAILS ARE MISSING.