Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rauner says Lincoln should serve as an inspiration as he repairs Illinois

Lincoln statue, Grant Park
Illinois' reform govenor, Republican Bruce Rauner brought up the struggles our nation's first Republican president faces in a ceremony on Lincoln's birthday in the state's capital city.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Rauner gave brief remarks in which he quoted the farewell address Lincoln delivered in Springfield before departing for the White House on Feb. 11, 1861. In that speech, Lincoln spoke of the challenges ahead in Washington.

Rauner said Illinois faces similar difficulties now, and the state should use Lincoln as an inspiration to push for change.

“We all in Illinois face a daunting challenge to restore prosperity, and it's an honor for me to serve you,” the new governor said to the crowd of veterans gathered at Lincoln’s tomb. “May we harness President Lincoln’s spirit as we face our many challenges together.”

Lincoln's legacy is so ingrained in Illinois that state workers get two days off in his honor, the first on Lincoln's actual birthday and again less than a week later on Presidents Day, a federal holiday that officially honors George Washington.

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