Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lib columnist: "There’s a big difference between breaking rules and cheating"

Chicago Sun-Times Building
Leftist Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell, in one of her two articles today about the stripping of the national Little League title from Jackie Robinson West for using ringers on its team, had this to say about it: "There's a big difference between breaking rules and cheating."

Actually there is not. For the players on the team perhaps, because they were probably weren't even aware of the boundary distinctions to be eligible to play baseball for JRW, but  as for the adult team officials and the the boys' parents--yeah, they likely knew that by breaking rules Jackie Robinson West was cheating.

Mitchell's sentence, "There's a big difference between breaking rules and cheating," perfectly sums up 21st century liberalism. As long as you mean well, the end always justifies the means.

As for the teams that didn't cheat, well, who cares...

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