Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chicago aldermanic campaign accused of buying votes for $10

Chicago's West Side
Another Chicago corruption allegation comes our way from Fox 32 Chicago:
The Cook County State's Attorney is looking into allegations that an aldermanic campaign spread money around on the streets.

"I was coming down the street, going to the house. And there was a gentleman who approached me," said Willie Allen.

Allen said he was on the 1500 block of South Homan last week when he got the offer from a man he knew from the neighborhood.

"He asked me do you want to vote for this certain person? I said what you talking about? He said you could make ten dollars. Just vote for this here person," Allen said.
That particular person was Vetress Boyce, who received the second-most votes in Tuesday's election for alderman in the West Side 24th Ward.--she will face the top-vote getter in a runoff race in April. Boyce of course denies the allegations. Allen received the $10 for his vote for Boyce.

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