Sunday, January 11, 2015

More good news about cheaper gasoline: It could forestall a climate change agreement

Besides fatter wallets, there is more good news that comes with cheaper gasoline prices.

From CNBC:
The drastic fall in global crude oil prices over the past six months could reduce the chance of a universal agreement on climate change policy this year, according to HSBC.

Environmentalists hope the widely-anticipated Paris Climate Summit in December will bring about two key outcomes: a universal accord that enables the world to transition to a low-carbon future as well as concrete measures to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial times. Discussions in Peru last month saw all participating countries commit to lowering greenhouse gas emissions for the first time ever.

However, falling oil prices will challenge countries' ability to implement climate policy, HSBC said in a recent report. Oil benchmarks Nymex and Brent are trading below $50 a barrel, levels not seen in over five years.

Lower oil prices suggest a deflationary pattern, which means the world economy remains in relatively poor shape, the bank said. Its economists forecast 2.6 percent global gross domestic product growth for 2015, well below the International Monetary Fund's 3.8 percent forecast.
As for that climate change agreement, it would mean higher taxes and more expensive energy.

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Marooned in Marin said...

Obama "Don't get used to cheap gas." One of his supporters, former president of the Sierra Club, Carl Pope also wrote an article years ago with the subhead "We're Better Off Without Cheap Gas". Tells in whose pocket Obama resides.