Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Illinois governor proposes right-to-work zones in state

Forced unionization is the law in Illinois and while unions are potent force here--they are still vulnerable. For instance, I never thought Michigan would become a right-to-work state.

Illinois' reform governor, Republican Bruce Rauner, is making baby-steps into the right-to-work arena, as he explained in downstate Decatur today, an event the much of the Chicago media appears to have so far ignored.

From WUIS Radio:
"I'm not advocating that Illinois become a right-to-work state. I do not advocate that. But I do advocate local governments, local voters, being able to decide for themselves whether to be right-to-work areas, right-to-work zones," the governor said.

Rauner says it would be a tool for communities suffering from high unemployment to create jobs, "so that we can compete with Indiana, and Michigan and Tennessee and Texas, that don't have forced unionization like we do here."

But unions are powerful in Illinois, and Democrats, who control the General Assembly, are sure to fight back.
But the overwhelming majority of Illinoisans aren't union members. Three of the five states the border the Land of Lincoln are right-to-work states and Michigan is a short drive from the southeast side of Chicago. As for myself--I wish Illinois was a right-to-work state.

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