Friday, December 26, 2014

Violent Christmas anti-cops rally in Oakland

Just as it was during the unhappy times of the Occupy movement, Oakland is the violence capital of the leftists' anti-cop movement.

Show me someone who hates cops and I'll show you a criminal.

Oh, the radicals don't even respect Christmas and the Prince of Peace.

From CBS San Francisco:
A protest march targeting police shootings turned violent in Oakland on Christmas night as protesters smashed windows, looted stores and damaged a Christmas in Jack London Square.

The "No Time Off" march started around 5 p.m. Thursday evening at 14th Street and Broadway with several dozen protesters taking part. Some were hostile from the beginning, with one protester lunging at a KPIX camera moments after the march began.

Around thirty windows were smashed between a local Subway restaurant and a BevMo store at 525 Embarcadero West, where bottles of liquor were pilfered and used as projectiles.

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