Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Thursday: So-called strike by fast food workers

I'll be shocked if a single person in the United States isn't able to order a burger or a bucket of chicken on Thursday, a nationwide fast food worker "strike" taking place.

Surely you don't remember all of the others ones? That's because it was nothing more than shrill leftists shrieking in parking lots.

From a gushing Al Jazeera America:
One of the campaign's main targets, the McDonald's Corporation, has long maintained that labor protests against the company are not actually strikes in any meaningful sense.

"These are not 'strikes,' but are organized rallies for which demonstrators are transported to various locations, and are often paid for their participation," said a company spokesperson in an emailed statement. "At McDonald's we respect everyone's right to peacefully protest."

The National Worker Organizing committee, a nationwide steering group of 26 fast food workers around the country, approved the Dec. 4 strike date before it was proposed to the rest of the workers. Workers from all 150 cities involved in the campaign were then invited to vote on the date over a Nov. 25 conference call.
The workers, whose strings are likely being pulled by Big Labor, are demanding $15 per hour for their low-skilled abilities. They might as well as for $100 an hour, or wait a few decades for inflation to catch up to their wage dictate.

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