Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Feds ask court to treat Obama pal as a hostile witness

One of President Obama's longtime friends is not playing nice with Dear Leader's Justice Department.

From NBC 5 Chicago's Ward Room:
Federal prosecutors have asked a court in Springfield to be allowed to treat President Barack Obama's close friend and golfing partner Dr. Eric Whitaker as a hostile witness in the trial of Leon Dingle, who is accused of stealing some $3 million in grants.

Whitaker was chief of the Illinois Department of Public Health under Rod Blagojevich.

Prosecutors said in the motion that Whitaker signed a cooperation agreement with prosecutors, but quickly quit cooperating when questions turned to his "personal relationship" with Quinshaunta R. Golden, his former chief of staff when he was at the agency. Golden, who oversaw the awarding of contracts for the department of health, pleaded guilty to stealing some $400,000 in funds.

"During that meeting, Dr. Whitaker refused to answer questions concerning his personal relationship with Golden…and has refused to provide complete and truthful information to the government," they wrote. "Dr. Whitaker is a witness identified with an adverse party, defendant Dingle, but also that he is a witness clearly hostile to the government."

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