Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Poll: Illinoisans overwhelmingly opposes extending Quinn's temporary income tax

Illinois flag on right
Had Pat Quinn won reelection as Illinois governor, he would have moved to make his "temporary" 67 percent personal income tax hike permanent. But Prairie State voters, who are not as stupid as they seem, voted out the Chicago Democrat and replaced him with Republican newcomer Bruce Rauner.

As of now, a lame-duck push by Quinn and the Democrats for extending the tax increase seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened in the state that elected Rod Blagojevich--twice.

In case the Dems change their minds, a recent poll by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute finds that a firm majority--56 percent--of Illinoisans favor letting the tax hike expire at the end of the year. Only 32 percent want to keep it.


Anonymous said...

And Bruce Rauner hires Bill Daley on his way to shaking up the Springfield status quo. LOL! The Teapers get played for the chumps that they are again!

John Ruberry said...

At least Daley has significant private sector experience, unlike Quinn or Dear Leader.