Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Finally a cure for ILL-inois: Rauner elected governor

Chicago sunrise
There is great news in the Land of Lincoln. Our twelve-year nightmare is over. Republican newcomer Bruce Rauner has ousted Pat Quinn and he'll be the next governor of Illinois. Quinn succeeded his two-time running mate, convicted felon Rod Blagojevich, after he was removed from office in 2009 by the General Assembly.

AP just called the race for Rauner.

During the Blago-Quinn quagmire, Illinois' credit rating sank to the lowest of the 50 states, it has the nation's worst-funded public-pension system, and it lags the rest of the nation in job growth.

Rauner is a problem solver. I'm proud of my vote for him today. But Blago and Quinn left a big mess for the governor-elect to clean up.

It's morning in Illinois. It's time to shake up Springfield and bring back the state.

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