Wednesday, October 08, 2014

(Photo) US Route 6 in Channahon, Illinois

One of the great, but unfairly un-revered of the old US Highways is US Route 6, the Grand Army of the Republic Highway. During my just concluded Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor at 30--I&M NHC at 30 for short--blog trip, I spend much time on this road.

The current route of US 6 is from Cape Cod, Massachusetts--Provincetown--to Bishop, California near the Sierra Nevada mountains. Until 1964, the road's terminus was in Long Beach. However US 6 is still the longest contiguous highway in the United States.

In his groundbreaking counterculture novel, On The Road, Jack Kerouac's characters travel on Route 6 in Illinois.

This photograph was taken in Channahon, Illinois, where the I&M NHC at 30 series will begin.

Four years ago while driving through the Amana Colonies in Iowa I saw on old Grand Army of the Republic sign. I didn't stop to take a picture. I didn't seen any others then or this time. Man, I regret that decision.

In Chicago's southern suburbs--where I grew up--Route 6 is better known as 159th Street.

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