Friday, October 31, 2014

New Mexico spaceport Virgin Galactic uses received taxpayer funds

Marathon Pundit in
New Mexico
News was dominated today by the fatal crash of a test flight of a Virgin Galactic flight in the Mojave Desert.

Virgin Galactic is part of Billionaire Richard Branson's empire, the goal of this enterprise is to serve as a space tourism junket for rich slobs like global-warming believer Leonardo DiCaprio. 

How much greenhouse gas does a spaceship emit before it leaves the Earth's atmosphere?

I've wandered a bit into the desert. 

Virgin Galactic is a tenant of Spaceport America, which is in southern New Mexico. Voters in two Land of Enchantment counties foolishly approved taxes--$40 million worth--to fund the hangar for space junkets for the rich. 

Why couldn't Branson and DiCaprio cough up the money instead?


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh! Can any discussion of actors and space boondoggles be complete without mention of Raygun's star wars missile shield? Pew! Pew! Pew! Captain Raygun lasers the Evil Empire's nukes out of space, with his faithful sidekick Bonzo, at his side, as a grateful nation turns their lonely eyes to him. Hardly a dry eye in the house as the whole fiasco drifts into the black hole that is conservative fact!

John Ruberry said...

Ronald Reagan, who transformed the malaise of the Jimmy Carter years into prosperity, who also won the Cold War. Reagan, who made America great again.

Anonymous said...

You're thinking of his later boffo blockbuster, "Bonzo Goes to Grenada," assuring that America's nutmeg supplies will be forever secure, though most critics agree he was overshadowed by the monkey, who, to be fair, got all the good lines.

John Ruberry said...

US troops came to Grenada to oust Cubans. Cubans were ousted. Questions?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Is that you, Bonzo? I always considered you to be the brains of that operation.