Thursday, October 30, 2014

Black, Democratic professor: Reagan did more for black education than Obama

Reagan banner,
Eureka College
Who did more for the education of African-Americans? Was it president who graduated from tiny Eureka College in Illinois? Or was it the one currently in office with two Ivy League degrees.

A former black educator says it was the former.

From CBS Washington DC:
A former history and African Studies professor at historically black Delaware State University blames President Obama for undermining the education of black students.

"When President Obama came into office it seemed as though the progressive, liberal Democrats [had] some type of concerted effort to accelerate the removal of African-Americans in these schools," Dr. Jahi Issa told Campus Reform. "Now under President Obama we are starting to see the decline of African-Americans in traditionally white schools. It didn't start with Obama but it did accelerate with Obama."

At the same time, Issa credits President Reagan with doing more to help fund black teachers at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

"African-Americans need to know that it was the Republicans, it was conservatives, the father of contemporary conservatism, President Ronald Reagan, who signed for the protection of HBCUs," Issa added. "He did that. It wasn’t the liberal Democrats and Republicans need to point this out throughout this upcoming 2016 midterm election. They have to make this known because a lot of people don't know this."
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