Thursday, September 25, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: Gov. Pat Quinn's lawn was overgrown with weeds

Lately Illinois' hapless governor, Democrat Pat Quinn, has been running TV commercials where he cuts his Northwest Side Chicago lawn with a non-electric mower to show what a regular guy he is.

In the ad he claims he "balanced the budget in a fiscally responsible way." Perhaps he was suffering from heat stroke when he said that, because the Prairie State is burdened by a backlog of over $4 billion in unpaid bills and it suffers from $100 billion in unfunded pension debt.

Back to the grass. It's ironic the Quinn is shown mowing his lawn in that ad because in May his neighbors were complaining about it. Quinn's lawn was overgrown with uncut grass and weeds.

He can't do anything right.

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1 comment:

teriobrien said...

What a great post! The buffoonish phony currently occupying the office of IL governor is a national laughingstock! Thanks for this one.