Monday, September 29, 2014

Idiocy in college sports: Weis collecting millions from two schools not to coach

On Sunday, after a miserable two seasons and part of a third as the head football coach of the University of Kansas Jayhawks, Charlie Weis was fired. It will be expensive for KU.

Oh, why isn't it UK or U of K?

Back to business...

From the Wichita Eagle:
The move also comes with a short-term cost. After this season, Weis had two years remaining on his five-year, $12.5-million contract. He will receive the remainder of his pay, amounting to about $5.625 million, in monthly installments through December 2016.

In addition to the money he'll be paid from KU, Weis received $6.6 million in severance from Notre Dame when he was fired in 2009. Tax records show he was paid around $2.1 million in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and he will continue to be paid by Notre Dame through December 2015.
Weis was fired from Notre Dame after a promising start. He briefly served as offensive coordinator for the Kansas Chiefs and spent a year in the same position for the University of Florida Gators, where his offense ranked 102nd nationally. Yep, at Florida.

So after at best a mediocre career as a college coach, KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger still hired Weis. Sunday he fired him.

Meanwhile, Notre Dame, which at least is not a state school, has been paying Weis $2.1 million annually not to coach since 2010, which is more than the Fighting Irish is paying its current and much better skipper, Brian Kelly, or anyone else at the Notre Dame athletic department. At least ND is finally done with Weis at the end of 2015--the Jayhawks will still be writing checks to Weis for another year as someone else calls the plays on the gridiron in Lawrence.

Paying players to play college football makes a heck of a lot more sense than having two schools paying one guy not to coach college football.

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