Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Global Warming news: Snow on the Northern Plains expected later today

The first day of autumn is still about two weeks away, but the first snowfall of the Winter of 2014-15 could be here later today.

From AccuWeather:
The first frost and snowfall of the year will arrive over the northern Plains of the United States before the middle of the week.

"A major cold front will push southward through the Canada Prairies Monday with a strong, Arctic high pressure system building in behind it," said AccuWeather Canada Weather Expert Brett Anderson.

The air behind this front will be cold enough for several inches of snow to fall over the Canadian Rockies and even in cities such as Calgary and Edmonton on into Tuesday evening.

Snow and cold air are then forecast to make an appearance across Montana and into portions of North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming on Tuesday night, although little is expected in terms of snow accumulation.
Okay, there won't be a lot of snow south of the Hockey Curtain. But didn't Al Gore say that the ice cap at the North Pole would be gone by now? He did.

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