Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Colossal waste: Chicago public high school has just 12 students

Maybe Chicago Public Schools should tear down Dyett and replace it with a one-room school house?

From NBC 5 Chicago:
Chicago's Walter H. Dyett High School, in the city's south side Washington Park neighborhood, had just 12 students enrolled Tuesday, the first day of classes for Chicago Public Schools.

Dyett High School is scheduled to close next year, and CPS administrators allowed students who wanted to graduate from the school to continue to attend classes there this year.

"At the end of last year, ending 2014, there were 37 juniors who would have enrolled as seniors," CPS spokesman Bill McCaffrey explained to NBC Chicago. "Before the start of this school year, 25 transferred to other schools."

More students could still choose to transfer to other schools but classes will continue through the entire school year, McCaffrey said.
This situation is so ludicrous even the Chicago Teachers Union favors closing Dyett.

What is the cost per Dyett student to operate heat, lighting, air conditioning, groundskeeping, and security?

Oh, Dyett has a swimming pool.

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