Thursday, August 07, 2014

(Video) Pat Quinn really said that his 67 percent income tax hike was temporary

Apologists for failed Illinois governor claim that the Chicago Democrat never said the 67 percent income tax hike he pushed through in a late night 2011 lame duck General Assembly was a temporary one.

Oh, Quinn said it. Look for the key comment at the 4 minute mark in the video.

"We have some temporary tax increases that are designed to pay our bills...get Illinois back on fiscal sound footing and make sure that our state has a strong economy."

The Chicago Democrat lied about the size of the income tax hike he was seeking when he was running for a full-term as governor.

Quinn of course favors making his "temporary" income tax hike permanent. Oh, Illinois' economy is anything but strong.

Illinoisans have a better choice for governor--Republican businessman Bruce Rauner.

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