Monday, August 11, 2014

(Photos) Sag Quarries: From the Chicago Water Tower to a fishing spot

Between Willow Springs and Lemont, Illinois is the unincorporated village of Sag Bridge. And next to Sag Bridge is the Sag Quarries Forest Preserve. When the quarries were operating they provided limestone for many early Chicago buildings, some of which, such as the Chicago Water Tower and Holy Name Cathedral, still stand.

Sag Quarries have been abandoned and water-filled for decades. It's a popular fishing spot, although when I tried angling there as a teen I didn't have any luck

Canadian geese keeping watch.

This view reminds me of wetlands on the Yucatan.

One of the other quarries. In the background is Illinois Route 83 and a large truss bridge.

Cut-stone rubble from the good old days.

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