Tuesday, August 05, 2014

ILL-inois: Park officials in impoverished town have plenty to spend on meals, conferences

There are so many layers within the rot of Illinois. Fox 32 Chicago takes a look at an impoverished suburb of Chicago.
There's a lot the Riverdale Park District doesn't have. For instance, a swimming pool. However, one thing they do have is a credit card for the elected officials who run the park district.

FOX 32 News and the Better Government Association have found that a credit card is being used to pay for tens of thousands of dollars in conferences, flights, hotel rooms and fancy meals.

At a pickup basketball game in a south suburban Riverdale public park, kids said that it's been a long time since they've heard the 'swoosh' of a ball going through the net.

"Two, three months ago," said one kid.
And the hoops players pay for the nets themselves.

I feel bad for the kids but not their parents--they electeded these clowns.

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