Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bloody Chicago: 9 year old killed, two others wounded in South Side shootings

Downtown Chicago from the
South Side
I just got home from work and switched on Fox News where they were showing live coverage of tonight's protest in Ferguson, Missouri.

Meanwhile, 300 miles north on Interstate 55, a nine year-old boy was shot to death this afternoon on Chicago's South Side. Twenty minutes earlier, two teenage South Siders were wounded in "Chiraq."

Both shootings took place in neighborhoods that are almost 100 percent black, so it's quite likely that the perpetrators were African-American.

Where is Al Sharpton? Where is South Sider Jesse Jackson? Where is the outrage from the Left?

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Anonymous said...

Where is the outrage from Eric Holder, Rev Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. Oh that's right, the bullets didn't come from the gun of a white police officer protecting himself from a common thug. Race baiting charlatans.