Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Global warming news: Illinois towns struggle to buy road salt

Winter is coming
"Winter is coming," as they say on Game of Thrones. And many Illinois towns are finding it difficult to buy road salt.

From AP:
Nearly 200 Illinois communities are scrambling to find road salt after last winter’s record frigid temperatures and snowfall depleted supplies, according to local leaders and state officials who oversee a shared procurement process.

If local public works departments are able to find vendors willing to sell them road salt, the price likely will be much higher possibly double what they paid last year.

Earlier this month, the Illinois Department of Central Management Services informed many city and county officials in charge buying road salt that no vendors responded to their requests for bids.

More than 560 communities participated in the solicitation for road salt bids, said department spokesman Mike Claffey. Of those, 367 communities received bids from salt vendors and 195 did not. The department offered to seek new bids from vendors, while cautioning public works departments to explore other alternatives.
One of those options is to add limestone chips to the salt, which will probably leave interesting little marks on the finish of cars.

Of course if global warming was real we wouldn't need so much road salt.

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