Monday, July 14, 2014

Family blames VA hospital for Illinois Vietnam vet's April death

Vietnam Veterans
Memorial, Skokie, IL
Obama's Veterans Administration scandal continues to spread.

A north suburban Chicago vet waited twenty minutes for car in a family van outside a VA hospital in April.

He died there.

From NBC 5 Chicago:
A grieving Waukegan family is blaming a North Chicago VA hospital for the death of a decorated Vietnam veteran.

Family members claim 68-year-old Laurence Sinnin, who suffered from heart disease, died on April 28 in the James A. Lovell VA Hospital parking lot waiting for emergency treatment.

Sinnin's son, Tarrell, says his dad wasn't feeling well so he son drove him to the hospital. He says he asked the valet and a clerk for help, but his pleas went nowhere and he was given the run-around.

"I was begging and pleading for help," Sinnin said.
Sinnin's corneas were removed without the permission of his family. And the hero's wedding ring was missing from his hand.


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