Saturday, June 28, 2014

Global warming news: Parts of Lake Michigan and Superior still have temps in 30s

Little Girl's Point, Lake Superior
The White House their leftist fellow travelers are still pushing their climate change agenda as a way to attack fossil fuels and of course, our way of life. "But facts are stubborn things," as John Adams once commented.

Just a few days before July, and the two of the Great Lakes still are showing the effects of the brutal Winter of 2014. These are real temperatures, not the results of some phony computer model.

From MLive:
We knew the cold winter would have a lingering effect into summer on Great Lakes water temperatures. Some parts of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan still have surface water temperatures in the 30s. One lake is significantly colder than normal, when compared to the other Great Lakes.
The "significantly colder" one is Lake Michigan, which is next to President Obama's Chicago base.

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J Keller said...

Just a friendly reminder: the "global" in global warming is not limited to the Great Lakes region and the "warming" is not limited to the water in the Great Lakes.