Sunday, May 04, 2014

(Video) Tommy Lasorda at the Reagan Library: Gipper was "one of the greatest presidents who ever lived"

The latest attraction at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in southern California is "Baseball! The Exhibition."

The Gipper was a lifelong sports fan and used to call, by way of a telegraph machine, baseball games for the Chicago Cubs and White Sox for WHO Radio in Des Moines.

But the recent focus at the Reagan Library was the Los Angeles Dodgers and its legendary former manager, Tommy Lasorda.

"Y'know it's amazing to see the gigantic show here, it's unbelievable, the two-time World Series champion skipper said at a Reagan Library forum last month. "It's a master." As for our 40th president, Lasorda said that he was "in my opinion one of the greatest presidents who ever lived."

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