Wednesday, May 21, 2014

(Billboard) Stillinnoyed? Indiana, a state that works

I saw two of these billboards today on Interstate 294 yesterday afternoon. I reads, "STILLINNOYED? No wonder. Indiana, a state that works." And the Hoosiers have a web site about how well they are doing too,

As for my state, which does not work,Illinois has the nation's third highest unemployment rate, over $5 billion in unpaid bills that a "temporary" income tax hike was supposed to fix, and over $100 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.

I have a cousin, a Marathon Pundit reader, who lives in Indiana, just a mile or so a way from the Illinois border. He told me last fall that the real estate tax on his home is more than half less than what the owners of nearly identical homes in ILL-inois pay.

The cost of corruption and incompetence is high and I pay for it every day.

Nearly half of Illinois' residents want to move out.

If I stayed on I-294, it would have merged with I-94, which would have taken me into Indiana.

One day, one day...

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Anonymous said...

I used to want to move to "Planet Indiana," yes, I said, "Planet Indiana," until I started working there full time and got the real exposure! I am very proud to be an Illinoian and a Chicagoan. Yes, we might have higher taxes and higher home prices, but are you aware that license plates are more expensive in Indy? What about all those smoke shops and adult bookstores and strip clubs and they still claim to be religious? Give me a break! I am a staunch Democrat and I found out very quickly that most of you Indiana folks are anti-Obama, or should I say, anti-anything that makes sense! I have never in my life seen more ignorant people than in Indiana. I feel like I am visiting another planet when I come over there. Let me tell you something, I will work, shop, and vacation in Indiana, but I sure as hell am not moving over there. I love Chicago and I love the fact that we are a proud BLUE state! So take your ILL ANNOYED billboards and shove them straight up your ass!

Anonymous said...

I purchased a home in Evansville IN. And the taxes in Indiana were much lower. I plan to move across the state line ASAP.