Friday, December 13, 2013

Politico on ObamaCare: One punt after another

If ObamaCare is such great policy, why are there so many delays, exemptions, and outright ignoring of the law by the White House?

From Politico:
Why do Republicans even bother trying to delay Obamacare? President Barack Obama’s doing it all by himself.

On Thursday, the Obama administration gave customers permission to pay their premiums as late as Dec. 31 for coverage that starts Jan. 1, and officially gave customers an extra week — until Dec. 23 — to sign up for January coverage.

The move was just the latest in a long list of extensions, delays and punts that have plagued the health care law.

Sure, Obama;s not doing the things Republicans have suggested — push off centerpieces like the individual mandate, or even put the entire law on hold for a year. But piece by piece, the Obama administration keeps giving itself extensions on smaller parts of the law, because there's always some piece that isn't quite ready.
Obama and the Democrats have had over three years to prepare for ObamaCare. Do they need thirty?

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