Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Bill Ayers admits failure of education system in anti-war blog post

Ayers at 2012 Occupy rally
After decades of being a prominent cheerleader for America's failing public school system--and an opponent of charter schools and voucher programs--unrepentant ex-terrorist Bill Ayers admits the truth. Our schools aren't educating kids.

After all, the majority of our children attend government-run schools.

From his "Rules of Engagement" blog post about his friend Barack Obama's possible attack on Syria.
Rule Number One: The US is forbidden to bomb any country that a majority of Americans can’t find on a blank world map.

This proposal, if enacted, is guaranteed to dramatically reduce the level of global violence overnight. At this moment 80% of Americans age 18-25 cannot find Israel/Palestine on a map; 80% cannot find Iraq; 40% can’t find England; and 10% can’t find the US.

So much of what happens next is up to us: speak up, write your senators and reps in Congress, submit an op-ed to your local paper, rally your friends and alert your networks.

Say NO to WAR!
Hey Ayers, can you explain to us why these young Americans are unable find these nations on a map?

Oh, the irony...

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