Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nevada AFL-CIO condemns ObamaCare in resolution

Red Rock Canyon State Park, Nevada
Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The Nevada AFL-CIO issued a resolution last week excoriating ObamaCare.

From the Weekly Standard:
The Nevada AFL-CIO has released a resolution condemning ObamaCare and demanding that the president and lawmakers change the law.

"[F]or two years we have sought from the Administration and Congress interpretations to the ACA that merely allows us keep the health plans we currently have: nothing more, nothing less. No special treatment. To date, the Administration has postured on proposals to address the problem, but no proposal to date will actually solve the problem. Our health plans only get worse," the resolution in part reads.

"[A]s a result of Administration inaction to fix the problem, the unintended consequences of the ACA will lead to the destruction of the 40 hour work week, higher taxes and force union members onto more costly plans -- eventually destroying the Taft-Hartley Funds completely."

Obamacare "should not threaten the 40 hour week, and the existence of collectively bargained health care plans," the resolution states.
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