Saturday, July 06, 2013

Sorry Ward Room, Durbin not one of Illinois' five greatest senators

NBC 5 Chicago's Ward Room used to be a good blog, but it has been ruined by liberal Edward McClelland. In his latest post, he names Illinois' five greatest senators. In order, they are Stephen A. Douglas, Lyman Trumbull, Everett M. Dirksen, Paul Douglas, and Dick Durbin.

I have this question for McClelland--Can you name one instance when Durbin, a liberal Democrat, voted against his party? I can't.

Trumbull angered his caucus when he was one of just seven Republicans who voted to acquit Andrew Johnson in his impeachment trial.

Dirksen, the Senate Minority Leader in the 1960s, supplied the necessary votes to break the southern Democrats' filibuster to pass Lyndon Johnson's crown jewel of legislative achievements.

The Republican from Pekin was one of America's greatest legislators.

Durbin is simply a partisan hack. And unlike Dirksen, he will never--ever--appear on a postage stamp. Not only is Durbin undeserving, people wouldn't know which side of his stamp to spit on.

When the White House proposed turning the under-utilized prison in Thomson, Illinois into a "Gitmo North" for jihadists, Durbin the water-carrier called it "a dream come true."

Next year Durbin is expected to seek reelection. The Ward Room is on board for his campaign.

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