Tuesday, July 09, 2013

ILL-inois: Last in fiscal health, last to approve conceal-and-carry

It figures. The state with the worst fiscal health, Illinois--is the last state to allow conceal-and-carry of firearms. Not only is ILL-inois ignorant of mathematics, it was until recently ignorant of our right to bear arms--which is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

But late last year a federal court ordered Illinois to allow conceal-and-carry in the Land of Lincoln.

More from Reuters:
In the state Obama considers home and where he served in the state Senate, the legislature voted to expand gun rights.

Democratic Governor Pat Quinn had objected to major parts of the concealed carry proposal. But both chambers of the state legislature voted on Tuesday to override his veto, allowing concealed carry to become the law.

After the legislation passed, Quinn blasted the NRA, saying the gun rights organization had negotiated concealed carry with legislators behind closed doors to avoid public scrutiny.

"Members of the General Assembly surrendered to the National Rifle Association in the waning days of session and passed a flawed bill," Quinn said in a statement.
The increasingly irrelevant Quinn is just posturing in an attempt to win support from the far-left in next year's Democratic primary against William Daley.

And of course Quinn is the man who set today as the deadline for a bipartisan committee to find a solution to Illinois' public pension system, which is underfunded by $100 billion. Quinn declared 446 days ago that he was "put on earth" to fix the Prairie State's pensions.

The committee will not meet Quinn's deadline.

As for myself, five summers ago it was illegal for me to even own a handgun in Morton Grove, where I live. Now I can protect myself almost everywhere I go.

As Willy Wonka said it in the original film, "So shines a good deed in a weary world."

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