Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obama's phony sequester war on the American people

Historians have dubbed the period in World War II from declaration of war by Great Britain and France on Nazi Germany and the invasion of Scandinavia seven months later as the Phony War.

President Obama has a new Phony War--using the sequestration cuts in one of the most visible ways--at our airports.

Rich Lowery has more in Politico:
The air traffic controller furloughs are the White House tours of the sky.

From time immemorial, a government that doesn't want to tighten its fiscal belt finds high-profile ways to inconvenience the public in the hopes of turning it against spending cuts. In keeping with this tried-and-true so-called Washington Monument strategy, the White House canceled tours in the immediate aftermath of sequestration. In an escalation, the Federal Aviation Administration furloughed air traffic controllers this week, causing widespread flight delays.

Somehow, the Obama administration managed to find the federal employees perhaps most essential to the nation's transportation and commerce, and send them home. It found one of the few categories of federal workers that operate something, and cut it. It found a way to make one of the most aggravating aspects of modern American life, air travel, even more aggravating.

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rushed to the Senate floor to say that, "In airports across the country, millions of Americans will get their first taste of the pain of sequestration." He then plugged for a budgetary gimmick to cancel most of sequestration, so spending can resume as usual. Reid knows the script of the Washington Monument strategy
Capitol Reef National Park
very well.
Public White House tours have been cancelled because of the cuts. The US Navy's Blue Angels won't be flying at summer air shows this year. There are cutbacks at the national parks.

But there is no slowdown on the implementation of unpopular ObamaCare.

A Phony War, indeed.

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