Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Poor react to Chicago alderman's attempt to ban Salvation Army food trucks

The Chicago Sun-Times' Mark Brown caught up with some of the poor and he captured their reactions to the attempt of the area's alderman--a Democrat and a social worker--to ban Salvation Army food trucks in his ward.
The Salvation Army's food truck went about its business in Uptown per usual Monday, undeterred by a weekend dustup with Ald. James Cappleman (46th) about the future of its feeding program for the homeless.

One by one, men ambled out of the Uptown neighborhood or slipped over from the lakefront late Monday morning to visit the truck at the corner of Wilson Avenue and Marine Drive for a cup of hot soup.

Some were aware of the controversy. Most weren't. All were puzzled as to why anyone would question the value of what the Salvation Army is doing there.

"Are you serious? How come?" said Carl Waller, 60, when asked about Cappleman's short-lived effort to halt the Salvation Army's feeding program.
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