Thursday, February 14, 2013

Facing defeat, Hagel not withdrawing

Even Republican-in-Name-Only Chuck Hagel is realizing that the end may be near.

From the National Journal:
Chuck Hagel, known for his unswerving relentlessness both as a senator and as a soldier, plans to stand fast as President Obama’s nominee to head the Pentagon despite a growing GOP effort to defeat him with a rare filibuster, aides said. “He’s not withdrawing,” says Aaron Dowd, a spokesman for the former Nebraska senator. "He could be defeated, but he’s not withdrawing. It’s not something anyone is discussing." White House spokesman Tommy Vietor, in a brief interview Thursday, endorsed that view. “He’s our guy,” Vietor said.

Withdrawal at this stage, of course, would amount to a major political defeat for Obama, and so it remains unlikely. Nonetheless, Republicans who oppose Hagel -- who alienated his fellow Republicans by taking a stand against the Iraq invasion a decade ago, among other maverick positions -- seem to be newly confident that they can somehow derail his nomination with a filibuster that they’re not quite yet admitting is a filibuster. Senators such as Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., are claiming they are holding up the confirmation because they want more information from the White House on Obama's actions related to the 9/11 Benghazi attacks, which have nothing to do with Hagel..
Hagel voted for the 2002 Iraq war resolution--but he was against the surge that turned the tide against the terrorists.

It appears that the GOP has the votes to stop Hagel--and to derail Obama's plan to utilize a RINO to dismantle our nation's defense.

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