Tuesday, February 05, 2013

(Audio) Levin rips Karl Rove's anti-Tea Party group

Karl Rove's American Crossroads started something called the Conservative Victory Project. Although Rove now denies it, he says it is not an anti-Tea Party group.

I listened to Mark Levin eviscerate the new group last night on his radio show. Mediaite tuned in too.
Conservative radio host Mark Levin went after former George W. Bush advisor, Karl Rove, during his radio show on Monday after Rove announced the formation of a new PAC that would aid moderate Republican politicians against tea party challengers in primary races. Levin called Rove’s effort 'diabolical' and listed the many GOP officeholders who would not be in power but for the tea party insurgency.

"We're being stabbed in the back," Levin declared.

"Here’s a project funded by crony capitalists, funded by corporatists — who are not conservative — funding a group called the Conservative Victory Project," Levin began. "This is the sort of thing Barack Obama does; this is a thing Marxists do; they give a name to themselves which has nothing to do with what they're really up to in order to try and control the propaganda."

Have there been some disappointing Tea Party candidates? Yes. But there have been many more flop so-called mainstream GOP candidates. Besides, were it not for the Tea Party, the Republicans never would have recaptured the House in 2010.

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