Friday, February 01, 2013

Add the Chicago Reagan apartment to the Ronald Reagan Trail

Ohio, IL
Okay folks, we finally know the truth--as I always have--that while the University of Chicago has applied for a demolition permit to tear down the only Chicago home of Ronald Reagan and replace it with a parking lot--that move has nothing to do with the Obama presidential library. That facility--whenever it is built--could end up in at least two other Chicago locations or perhaps in Hawaii.

Besides saving the South Side six flat from being torn down, I believe the Chicago home should be added as a stop on the Ronald Reagan Trail. I am one of the few persons who has driven the entire trail in one day--and when I got home after that long drive I felt that a piece of the Illinois Reagan story was missing. Actually two: the Hennepin Feeder Canal, where Dutch learned to swim, would also be a welcome addition to the trail.

To learn more about the Ronald Reagan Trail, you can do so by diving into my 22 post series by clicking below.

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Tania said...

Love your coverage of this important piece of history.