Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On this day 11 years ago: Bush's Axis of Evil speech

Texas--home of George W. Bush
On this day 11 years ago, President Bush, in his State of the Union address, declared that Iraq, Iran, and North Korea made up the world's Axis of Evil. The next year Coalition Forces invaded Iraq and removed Saddam Hussein from power. While it's hardly a vibrant democracy, I have more confidence for a free Iraq in the future than a free Egypt.

As for Iran and North Korea--they are still dangerous menaces. The Norks are a nuclear power and the Iranians will probably soon be one. Both nations are led by maniacs.

And exactly what is President Obama doing about it? In regards to Iran, Obama nominated RINO Chuck Hagel, a man who opposes sanctions against Iran, to be his Secretary of Defense. As for North Korea, Obama wasn't president for three months before they backed out of talks and threw out the nuclear inspectors there. 

Saddam is gone and Iran and North Korea are still evil. You might as well add Syria to that list.

America under Obama is a diminished power--leading from behind.

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