Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friends of Reagan's Chicago Home blog: Obama library story "utterly inaccurate"

Marathon Pundit at
the Reagan home in 2011
In the Friends of President Reagan's Chicago Home blog, Mary Claire Kendall, who has put more effort into the saving the apartment where Ronald Reagan lived in 1915 than anyone else--except for the late Redd Griffin--writes that the Washington Times Communities article linked by the Drudge Report is "utterly inaccurate."

That library story has gone viral--which is unfortunate. While the University of Chicago, which owns the six-flat at 832 E. 57th Street, filed for a demolition permit for the Reagan home through a surrogate so a parking lot can be built for the U of C Medical Center's New Pavilion, it has nothing to do with the Obama presidential library. Kendall cites "informed sources in Hyde Park."

President Obama has not even selected a city for his presidential library. While the University of Chicago is lobbying to be the site for that facility, Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood and developers at the former US Steel South Works plant on the Southeast Side have expressed interest in the library as well, as has the University of Hawaii.

Kendall urges interested readers learn more by reading her January 25 Friends of President Reagan's Chicago Home blog post.

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