Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chuck Hagel: The boss from hell?

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President Obama thinks that Republican-in-name-only Chuck Hagel is just the guy to run--make that dismantle--our Defense Department. Well, it seems that Hagel was quite adept at dismantling his Senate staff.

From the Washington Times:
It's not the company Chuck Hagel wants to find himself among as senators consider his nomination to be defense secretary. Yet during the Republican’s tenure as a senator from Nebraska through 2009, his office’s turnover rate ranked second-highest of any in the past decade.

In 2005, 20 of 51 staffers left Mr. Hagel's office, the vast majority of whom left Capitol Hill altogether and were replaced quickly by people with no legislative staff experience. Only George Allen, the former Virginia senator and governor, had a higher turnover rate in the Senate.

"He was 'The Cornhusker wears Prada' to his staff, some of whom describe their former boss as perhaps the most paranoid and abusive in the Senate, one who would rifle through staffers' desks and berate them for imagined disloyalty," former Pentagon adviser Michael Rubin told political analyst Taylor Marsh about Mr. Hagel.
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