Sunday, December 09, 2012

(Video) McCarthy scolds Durbin over Obama and the fiscal cliff

After Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) made the ridiculous claim that a fiscal cliff-induced recession would be one that "the Republicans would own," House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy set Durbin straight.

Oh, before I forget, Durbin: It is always--always!--the president's recession when one occurs. Always. Even when the president is a Democrat.

Here's how McCarthy responded:
Then senator, ask the president to come off the campaign trail. He's been to Pennsylvania. tomorrow he is going to Detroit. It's time to govern. The election is over. That's why Republicans sent the president a plan the day after the election. [Durbin interrupted: "The president is just a phone call away…"] …. Oh, he is a phone call away?! We will go right down to him. We sent a plan to him and it took three weeks for him to respond. He has not even responded to our current one. You cannot negotiate with yourself.

The segment quoted here is near the end of the clip.

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