Thursday, December 20, 2012

SEIU thuggery put lives at risk at nursing home

SEIU protester
SEIU members went on strike at a nursing home in Connecticut. What followed is appalling.

From National Review Online:
Union members wreaked havoc as they left. Some reportedly scrambled or removed the identification of elderly residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s, even though patients could have died from receiving the wrong drugs, food, or medical procedures. Reports to the Connecticut Department of Health indicate that someone had tampered with mechanical lifts by dismantling and hiding a critical structural component. Elderly patients could easily have fallen off the lifts to their death.

The initial police report on the sabotage at Healthbridge stated that “there are no suspects [but] the persons involved are presumed to be employees who are part of a protest.” No one has been caught or punished yet. Meanwhile, the striking SEIU members have reportedly continued to make trouble. One man whose wife lives in the home talked to National Review Online, but he refused to give his name because union members have threatened his wife.

“They said, ‘If you care about the well-being of your wife . . . ’” he recounts. “You can read into that as you want to. I read into that a threat. I don’t want to get involved. My wife is helpless.” He adds: “Some of the people who work there just weren’t the kind of people that I’d want to be associated with, period. There were some good ones, but a lot of bad ones.”

Despite union members’ reprehensible behavior, the SEIU went to bat for its workers. The union took the case to the National Labor Relations Board, which then sought to force Healthbridge to rehire all 600 striking SEIU members regardless of their behavior.

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