Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sunday: Marathon Pundit on the Teri O'Brien Show

Highland Park, Illinois' 10th District
America's Original Conservative Warrior Princess, Teri O'Brien, hosts an essential BlogTalkRadio show each Sunday afternoon from 5pm-7pm EST (4pm-6pm Central). I will be a guest tomorrow during the second half of the show, but the entire program is worth listening to--especially two days before Election Day.

Click here to tune in.

I'll be discussing Illinois politics--and Mitt Romney's chances in the Land of Lincoln. A poll last month in Illinois's 10th Congressional District--which is just north of where I live--showed President Obama with just a two point lead over Romney. Obama carried the 10th--which has been made more Democratic by scumbag Gerrymanderers--by 28 points in 2008.

Bob Dold is the incumbent congressman there--he's favored to keep his seat.

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Can't wait, Marathon!