Friday, November 30, 2012

Shame: Chicago Teachers Union accuses CPS of "educational apartheid"

Occupy Chicago anti-NATO summit rally--
on a school day!
The far-left Chicago Teachers Union reached another new low today. It's accusing the Chicago Public Schools of "educational apartheid" because it wants to open more charter schools. Charters in Chicago can boast about educational achievement. For instance, while the city's unionized schools graduate barely half of its incoming freshmen, charter schools graduate over three-quarters of their freshmen.

CTU members claim that charters pick and choose their students. That's a lie. A lottery system determines who gets in--with the exception of siblings of current students.

As for the apartheid charge, over 90 percent of Chicago Public Schools students come from minority families. There are no all-white public schools in Chicago, but that didn't stop the CTU from calling its report, "The Black and White of Education."

Have they no sense of decency?

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