Monday, November 05, 2012

Obama's Katrina

If only the mainstream media was as tenacious in regards to President Obama as it was with his predecessor...

From Howard Curl in the Washington Times:
A former top official from the George W. Bush White House and I play a game via email. The slug of each message is always — "Imagine If Bush Had" followed by some egregious act by President Obama.

The latest email was, of course, about Hurricane Sandy. Imagine if former President Bush had popped into a hurricane-ravaged region, walked around with a few federal officials for an hour, hugged distraught and sobbing women, then headed off to Las Vegas, bounding off Air Force One with a huge smile, waving to adoring fans?

Imagine if the bashed and thrashed 43rd president had popped over to FEMA for a 30-minute photo op, then jetted off for yet another campaign rally with Hollywood celebs?
“It's like the Wild West, a borderline lawless situation," said one resident as he stockpiled knives, a machete and a bow and arrow.

Just a day after the storm, frightened citizens queued up for hours in lines to buy gas: Five days later, when the federal government announced free gas (well, free for storm victims; U.S. taxpayers foot the bill), thousands flooded the handout sites. Armed police battled some who cut lines as frustration ran high. At one site for free gas, the line was 16 hours long.
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