Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Morons have spoken: Indicted and expelled Illinois Democratic state rep wins election

My good friend Teri O'Brien often says that the typical Barack Obama voter is woefully uninformed--most of them don't know who their state representative is. They just mindlessly select the candidates with "Democrat" next to their name.

Do you want proof? Take for instance former Illinois state representative Derrick Smith of the 10th District. A week before the Democratic primary--Smith, a West Side Chicagoan who was appointed to his seat--was indicted on bribery charges. He won that race--Machine brass lined up behind him because his opponent was a stealth Republican. Of course the party brass expected him to withdraw from the race--and they would select a Democrat to run in the general election.

Smith didn't back out. In August--the House expelled Smith. It was only the second time this had ever happened.

Oh. all of this was major news. Smith's indictment was on the front pages of the Chicago newspapers and it was a top TV news and internet story.

The Machine lined up behind a Democrat, Lance Tyson, to run as an independent--and they put out the word that Tyson was the man Democrats should vote for today.

Well guess what? The voters mindlessly selected the guy with "Democrat" next to his name--the indicted and expelled Smith. And the House can't expel Smith again--unless he's convicted on the bribery charges.

Statewide and countywide--the vote of a 10th District moron who voted for Smith counts as much as mine.

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