Monday, November 19, 2012

Media bias: It's not just conservatives getting short shrift from the MSM

If conservatives are going to attract the reinforcements I wrote about earlier this month, then we have to cry "foul" when we discover that something isn't right beyond our comfort zone. Denizens of the right--myself included--are well aware that the mainstream media is biased against our cause. But the MSM slant goes beyond conservatism.

For instance, last Saturday night an oncologist from one of Chicago's wealthiest suburbs attended the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago's fanciest shopping district. Later that night he was stabbed in the neck in a hotel public restroom by a parolee with over 60 arrests on his rap sheet. The accused, who also slashed a hotel employee, had been released from prison eight days prior.

My sympathy and prayers are with victims. Still, if this brutal attack had occurred on the city's west or south sides, it would not be the major news story that it is in Chicago. But much of Chicago's media works within a few blocks of North Michigan Avenue--and most of the rest of them work not much farther away. The Magnificent Mile stabbing story matters to Chicago's media--and they think it should matter to you.

How often are there stabbings in Chicago's crime-ridden Englewood neighborhood? Every day?  Possibly. Yes, the media is dominated by liberals. But I thought libs viewed themselves as defenders and champions of the poor.

Conservatives: It's time to blow the whistle on all types media bias and stop feeling sorry for ourselves.

Here is ABC 7 Chicago's report on the stabbing:

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