Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Kudlow: Romney's optimism will win

Larry Kudlow is predicting a Mitt Romney victory.
Putting aside all the voter models, there’s one overlooked point worth making with Election Day at hand. Most times in American politics, optimists win, and pessimists lose. I know that’s not always the case. And sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the two. But in this election, I believe Mitt Romney is the optimist, and Barack Obama is the pessimist. It’s Romney’s election to win.

Parenthetically, in my lifetime, it was Dwight Eisenhower the optimist, Stevenson the pessimist; Kennedy the optimist ("Get America moving again"), Nixon the pessimist; Reagan the quintessential optimist, Carter the pessimist; and going further back in history, FDR the optimist, Hoover and the rest of them the pessimists.

And of course, four years ago, it was Obama the optimist. He was the candidate of hope and change. But he has run such a negative campaign in 2012, right up to the end, that I believe his negativism is translating into pessimism. And that’s not what the beleaguered American people want.

"Voting is the best revenge," Obama infamously said this past weekend. What did he mean by that? F. Scott Fitzgerald's line was, "Living well is the best revenge." But with President Obama, what exactly is this revenge? Revenge against whom? Against what?
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