Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gov. Pat Quinn's bizarre pension video

Illinois' public pensions are the worst-funded in the nation. Governor Pat Quinn, who said in April that he "was put on earth" to fix this mess, was unable to do so even though his fellow Democrats control both houses of the General Assembly.

What do do? If you are Quinn you produce a overly-long whacked-out video, "The Pension Squeeze," with a cartoon snake in it with the message--"It's really for the kids."

It's always "for the kids" with liberals.

Oh, in regards to those public workers who aren't eligible for social security benefits--they don't pay into social security either, which of course the video's portly narrator doesn't mention. Oh, when defending government benefits, never use a spokesman who is overweight. The narrator in "The Pension Squeeze" appears to be wearing a toupee as well. What a message: a big man defending big government with spurious facts who has phony hair.

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